Placement …

Having finished my first year of study, I decided early on that I needed to have a summer placement to count towards my 120 mandatory placement hours.  The placement is a requirement during my second year.  However, as a working mother of two on a full time degree course, I knew that I’d stuggle with that!

So, I contacted a local fabric printing place and was lucky enough to meet a rather lovely lady who I already knew from my time as the volunteer farmers market coordinator a couple of years ago.  She was happy to take me on and has a really flexible approach which is handy during school holidays.

The summer project we were given was started with images taken from a local museum archives and I decided to utilise one of the images of a fossil.  To get going, I did some tracings using colour separation and then scanned them into photoshop for some quick ideas.


I’ve taken the different motifs and used the mirror effect in both designs and also overlayed in areas.  Using CAD is a really quick way of playing with different ideas without mixing paint and spoiling fabric!





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