Photoshop …

Every session in Photoshop is a real revelation.  I have used the application before but as you probably know, there’s so many techniques you can use to manipulate your hand drawn motifs.  Today, it was fantastic to learn really quick ways of producing repeat patterns.  In just a couple of hours, a whole world of possibility has opened!  I’m only posting an example at this stage but hope to post more as I become more proficient in their use.


This pattern started life as a quick sharpie sketch.  I love the bold lines and marks which give some texture and depth.  Using the define pattern function, the motif can be added to your own pattern library for you to use any time.  To create the basic block repeat, a new document was opened and the fill function, under edit, is used to select the required pattern. Et voilà!


Not a great quality image at this stage but I just wanted to show another formation using two motifs in a mirror design.  A great starting point and a design to build on adding layers of motifs in varying sizes.  Background colours could be added to make these motifs really stand out or splashes of colour here and there.  A great start though!


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