Out and about …

Today I was lucky enough to have a day to visit an exhibition!  Some other students and I had decided to meet up at the Baltic which is a gorgeous renovated industrial building on the side of the River Tyne.


There’s an amazing view from the top and that was about the best thing there unfortunately! The exhibitions inside were not to my taste and I wasn’t inspired enough to take any photos apart from this telescope which was used to view life through the years by viewing small scale buildings in an installation below.


I had a lovely time with my fellow students with a spot of lunch thrown in for good measure and then went to collect my son from school.

Whilst there, another Mum suggested the Biscuit Factory and so I sped across for the last hour before closing….  I’d forgotten how much I like this creative space with loads of different exhibitions from independent artists.

And so, here are a few of my favourites…

These amazing pieces were created using felt by an artist called Andrea Hunter.  So amazingly intricate.


These brightly coloured prints are produced by a company called The Store Hus.  Their designs are Scandinavian inspired and have backgrounds of traditional hand block and screen printing.  I think their designs are beautiful and their exhibition space is really compelling to lovers of coloured, geometric surface patterns.

My final top pick …

Two wall hangings from textile artist Michelle Holmes.  She uses machine embroidery to created intricate line drawings and draws inspiration from the countryside around her.  These two unusual wall hangings have so much detail they could almost be a nasa lunar map!

Although not textile related, I also really liked this collection …

A collection of acrylic paintings on canvas by artist Alistair Brookes who is inspired by life and traditions and particularly mining as depicted here.



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