Printed and Constructed …


The mood board for my last two modules.  I love the contrasting orange and blue colour palette with the addition of copper hints.  The Printed and Constructed module uses some floral motifs but also my lightbulb motif which was developed from my dining room light fitting!  The coffee pots relate more to the first project as seen in the geometric design below.


I love the simplicity and symmetry of this design and could see it being applied to various interior applications such as wallpaper, soft furnishing, household items etc…


The images above show a selection of samples which include screen printing with the inclusion of foils, embroidery both by hand and machine, appliqué and knitting.  I’ve used a combination of fabrics to explore the outcome.  The large image of leaves was screen printed onto a ribbed cotton and had a bleeding effect which I think works really well, giving more depth and interest.  Overall, I’m pleased with the outcome of this project and feel that each piece could be developed further to create beautiful designs for interiors.


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